Released early February the book is an updated version of the original released some ten years ago and looks again at the ancient worlds and cultures that led us to the future and the world we see today.

From the many city states of Mesopotamia that saw the development of the cities as we know them today and attracted people to live in structured societies that would work together to provide the city with the resources that was collected by either a centralized palace or temple site that would collect the excess resources produced by the city states and distribute them to the people who all lived and worked within the city and its varied farmlands that surrounded the city itself.





New novel in the works it’s been a major driver since discovering Edwin and the sacrifices he made to the country we now call home in England the negative press is always about the acceptance of others we see as being different when we all awake and see we are all the same the beliefs are mainly brainwashing by the church or state. Read the short story and look forward to the NOVEL. It will be a journey life is a journey we never know when that ends, we are not deities.


Drink sensibly not the best place to sleep off a hangover however drunk you are, he was muttering in his sleep no idea if he was Scottish or French or whatever. He would have made a lot more money if he placed his hat on the ground and had a guitar beside him not a can of Guinness. Still not a great scene during a break to Avignon in August which is a beautiful place to visit been with my daughter and on my own which was a little odd at first Always Eat at the same Italian Restaurant Milano every visit in the Evenings they treat you like one of the family fantastic place and service and great food at reasonable prices …


Discover the figures behind the legendary tale of Atlantis who reanimated the lost island empire that made up Atlantis.

Solon was one of the seven sages of Greece ex archon of Athens, statesman and poet.

His reforms in Athens, when Archon led to the reduction of poverty and debt with many people freed from slavery to the land after being driven into poverty by the richer landowning Aristocracy.

Solon cancelled the debts with winners and losers on all sides the citizens benefitted and the city state of Athens as a whole going forwards began to look away from an elite ruling class towards a state looking at moderation and reform of the state away from revolution and rule by force under a powerful elite tyrannical leader as seen in several Greek city states.

Solon, after his year as Archon in 594 B.C. travelled to study other city states around the ancient world.

His travels saw him visit Egypt and it was in the sacred city of the deity Neith SAIS At that he was informed of the legend of Atlantis by Neith’s sacred priests taken from the tablets

retained in the deities sacred library.

Solon was shocked by the legend of Atlantis and the lost culture which had once dominated the ancient seas and world.

He took the legend back to Athens and it was retained within his family he used parts of the tale within his own poems however the Atlantis legend was handed down and finally a relative of Solon many years later none other than Plato came into possession of the tale and it was reanimated by the philosopher.

Many have speculated on the location and time of Atlantis however with the discovery of the Minoan World by Arthur Evans and his colleagues Crete and the Minoan empire became one of the likely candidates for Atlantis.

K T Frost put forward his theory on the connections when he penned an article titled THE LOST CONTINENT which was published in the Times February 19th1909.




Discover York through the varied ages Celtic settlement to Roman frontier fort and home to Roman emperors adding to the history of the vibrant city known as Eboracum was for a time the most important city in the Roman Empire.

Later the City was renamed Eforwic when the Anglo Saxon invaded and settled lands in England.

York remained an important City in Anglo -Saxon times when Edwin was crowned king of Northumbria in 616 A D after his army allied with Raedwald defeated his hated rival Aethelfrith in the battle of the River Idle.

Eforwic was for Edwin one of his major cities he was baptized in the city circa 627 A.D.

Converted to Christianity by Paulinus of York in York in what was then a wooden church dedicated to St Peter near the site of the future by Edwin who Bede called him high king of Britain after he defeated his rivals foe power in battle and subjection to his growing kingdom and lands.

He reigned up until 633 A.D. after his death in battle at Hatfield chase he was venerated Saint Edwin the English Christian high king died a martyr to his new faith.

Anglo Saxon Eforwic became Viking Jorvik when many peoples from Scandinavia settled in England following the earlier settlement of the Anglo Saxons.

City life York looks at the city through time up until the present day acting as a guide penned by a visitor to the city for visitors.

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Explore the Minoans attack on the island of Sicania and the head of the rebel’s headquarters known as the legendary BATTLE OF CAMICUS on what today modern-day Sicily.

Homer called them the Phaeacian’s they were masters of the ancient seas and are mentioned in the “Odyssey” as being a legendary and mysterious people due to the Minoans having been at the height of their powers from 2000 to 1600 B.C.

Homer is believed to have lived between 1200 and 750 B.C. so it would appear the original name of the Minoan seafaring people could well be the Phaeacian’s a name they called themselves in their own tongue.

Being masters of the ancient seas, they had powerful rivals for control of the sea trade routes and this led to conflicts on the seas and on land.

Sea battles between the rising powerful fleets looking to gain control over the lucrative trade routes that connected the Eastern and Western Mediterranean world saw Sicania become a vital powerbase from which to strike out and control the ancient worlds sea and trade routes going forwards.

With conflicts at sea and on the island, itself leading to the final showdown in the capital of Camicus between. the rebels under Kokalous and Thesanis and the Phaeacians’ led by Aeacus, Rhadys and the Sun God Paiawon.



Short story penned for entry into a writing competition in early 2000s about the attempted assassination of Edwin king of Northumbria in 626 A.D.

It Follows the attack on Edwin by a paid assassin sent by the heir to the throne of the West Saxons Cwichelm the reasons are still unclear although the power of the Anglo Saxon kingdoms was always a highly contested and politically difficult to navigate with varied powerful kingdoms within the land all looking to seek the best for their own elites and families and with Celtic enemies threatening their borderlands and rival Anglo Saxon kingdoms looking to expand and secure their alliances via marriage and by force when called upon to protect their borders when threatened by their enemies and rivals.

Edwin had been forced to fight for his very life from an early age with rival Anglo Saxon kings and heirs from neighbouring lands keen take advantage of his inexperience after his father Aelle the king was killed in battle.

He was forced to flee for his life from his own kingdom and seek sanctuary at rivals courts with the forces of the Grasping Aethelfrith looking to have young Edwin eliminated and usurping the throne left empty by the death of king Aelle.

Edwin survived all the plotting of Aethelfrith but once he had freed himself of one enemy and rival more appeared and the plotting and scheming continued against Edwin they feared his power and his ability to communicate with other elites and kings saw him establish alliances and friendships across Great Britain.

This also saw Edwin become a target for many other ambitious heirs and kings all across Great Britain all looking to become the Bretwelda of Britain and the high king over the Anglo Saxon world and the borderlands of the Celts of Wales and Scotland.

Edwin was a leader of men and a warrior this short story offers a glimpse into the man behind the heroic king who became the most powerful English-speaking king to hold the title of high king over the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of England circa 626 A.D.

TOUR OF SICILY by Daniel Buckley FREE E-Book offer March 17th.

For many years the summer months have been extended into late September and October by my trips to Sicily taking the flight to Catania from Manchester and then the onward bus from the bus stop outside the arrival’s hall after a first reviving coffee and sandwich from the cafe bar nearest to the bus stands outside the airport to either Giardini Naxos or Taormina for the first leg of my visit to the burning island.

It takes about just over an hour to reach Giardini and Taormina by Etna buses the views on the bus on route are stunning of Mount Etna and the island in general as the bus winds it way through the centre of Catania it stops in the main bus station in the centre which as connections for many other towns and cities around the island and if you prefer the train the train station is opposite the main Etna bus station whilst coach services are also available again opposite the train station which you pass if on the bus from the Airport.

Giardini Naxos is ideal for those who love a beach holiday the long seafront stretches for miles with the Porto Naxos at one end and the Archaeological Museum and gardens opposite the port area with its ancient ruins and the altar to Apollo inside the peaceful gardens that offer fantastic views of Mount Etna one side and the other the coastline and Taormina perched beneath towering Mount Taurus.

Taormina offers visitors fantastic shopping views the Greek theatre with if your lucky live plays or a concert depending on your timing!!

Isola Bella and the beaches beneath can be reached by cable car or buses with Etna and local buses serving Taormina and Giardini Naxos you can always explore both resorts on foot its usually the best way to see both having stayed in both I would be tempted to spend 3 nights in each resort but if you get a great deal go for either they are both great bases for longer stays with plenty of trips and bus and coach services available from both to nearby sights and further afield. Having visited Monreale and Palermo, Agrigento, Syracuse, Mount Etna and the islands such as the Aeolian islands trip a full long day with an expert guide starting at six in the morning and arriving back into the resort in the evening in the dark the day was like heaven on Earth seeing the blue seas and skies broken by the small volcanic islands among them Vulcano and Stromboli rise majestically from out of the azure blue sea and are framed by blue skies above and seabirds in flight above the dark cliffs that are topped by a mixture of green and volcanic ashes of varying blacks and greys and white Lipari is the first stop by boat from the coast of Sicily and the main harbour town called Lipari is a beautiful place with a varied array of gift clothes and cafe bars and restaurants to explore after the guide takes you on a tour of the island if you opt for it a bus journey on which you stop for a drink on the cliff tops with fantastic views of the varied volcanic islands that are dotted around Lipari. Another short bus journey price not included in the day trip… But in my opinion worth the fee you stop again at a cafe bar where drinks and food are available before you are dropped back near the harbour and have free time to explore the many shops and cafe bars of the main resort on Lipari the boat will leave on time with or without you so do not get lost in the winding streets of Lipari!!!

Leaving Lipari the boat then calls at the Volcanic island of Vulcano there are steam mud baths to visit not for me or a walk up the nearby peak decided to spend the hour or so free time having something to eat in one of the many cafe bars then found a great bar that sold strong lagers from around the world so had a bottle of Kwak which was excellent and quenched my first looking out over the small port and beach on the small outside terrace beneath a parasol we boarded the boat back and then it was the coach journey home from the port of Milazzo in the fading light as the sunset over the islands climbing to Taormina was in the night along the winding cliffside roads with all the varied lights magical and also a bit scary when traffic was coming towards you the trip is on the websites today with varied prices from £64 TO £77 pounds quoted depending on the islands selected. I did the Lipari & Vulcano the dearer option is the Stromboli & Panarea however I paid more that this for my day trip back in 2017. You can visit the Egadi islands by ferry yourself but the bus travel to Trapani or Marsala involves two very long bus journeys would recommend visiting Trapani or Marsala and making it a part of your holiday or visit to Sicily. Again the choices on the island are varied with many trips and tours whilst you can always plan your own tour of Sicily based around your arrival and departure airports or ports for that matter with so many sights and cities to see Sicily offers every visitor a great destination for a summer holiday with contrasting landscapes to suit all from island beach mountains countryside and city breaks with a great choice of accommodation to suit all budgets and tastes on offer. Great food and wine and the hospitality of the Sicilian people is always very warm and friendly.

Having visited Catania many times and used both the bus and train making the trip to Syracuse from Catania is a journey worth taking whenever you visit Sicily if only for a day the best way to see Syracuse is by Spending between a three to five day stay there are many hotels and apartments to suit ll tastes and budgets.

There is a wide choice of hotels near the train and bus stations but also the centre of Syracuse and the harbour area along with the island of Ortygia.

Taxis are not expensive the city offers visitors a unique choice of history with museums and ancient theatres and temples to visit along with the quarries named the ear of Dionysuis once a prison for the defeated Athenian army with a macabre history due to the numbers of warriors who died in the prison.

Exploring the history and admiring the stunning sights on offer of towering Mount Etna and the beach at Giardini Naxos from Taormina along with the stunning coastline and the deep blue azure sea.

Yachts and other small boats sail the large natural bay of Naxos and the odd Cruise liners usually call in the small harbour in the bay of Naxos.

You can book an half day Yachting tour of the bay of Naxos that sails from Giardini Port to Taormina and Isola Bella among other sights at a price of £60 pounds whilst the mount Etna and Villages plus the Volcanic rocky river Gorge Alcantara day trip which will remain with you for life costs circa £80 pound per person all picks up from Taormina and Giardini Naxos hotels or nearby.

Naxos was the original port of call for the first Greeks to land and settle on Sicily from the Greek island of Naxos circa 734 B.C .and where they set up an Altar to the deity Apollo thanking him for their safe crossing over the sea from the Greek Mainland via Lefkas, to the Italian coastline and then onwards to the burning islands of Sicily as they hugged the coast of Italy sailing past the Italian coastline port of Rhegium in the Ionian sea heading towards Sicily and settling among the Sicel and Sican peoples who had long since settled the island named after those first settlers Sicania after the Sicanian people and the later arrivals the Sicels who called the island Sicily…