Opinion: European Super League, Manchester City and a Fight with the Love of My Life

Love of the Game

I don’t usually write opinion pieces, but I felt this particular case warranted a special approach. These past 72 hours have been hard for me. I want to share my thoughts on the past few days in football. As someone who loves this sport and a rebel ex-Super League club, these 72 hours were extremely hard.

A Day of Darkness

Sunday night a part of my soul died. I remember Sunday morning and afternoon waiting on the official announcement to come out. I was hoping it was not true. My stomach dropped when it was confirmed. I felt sick. The whole idea of a “Super League” hurt my soul. Guaranteed spots for 12 or 15, whatever number they came up with, and only five non-permanent spots open, and a ton of money. It went against everything I fell in love with about this sport.

I am not a fan of…

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Mirror Image By Daniel Buckley


A GHOST STORY Inspired by the  2003 South Korean film ” Into The Mirror” directed by Kim Sung Ho and the Ghost Tours of York .

Set  on the ancient streets and snickleways of York that provide the ideal stage for the past rich history of the city.

”MIRROR IMAGE,” follows a reporter’s visit to cover the varied ghost walks and discover the darker side of York’s history.

Set in November the dark evenings and long nights add to the atmosphere of the story that develops beside the river Ouse and Clifford’s mount in the heart of the city.

Hidden within the ancient City spirits connected with living direct descendants through a time portal to shape the story that connects figures from the year of the St Brice day massacre that saw tensions rising between the leading figures in Anglo Saxon England under King Aethelred and with the Danelaw…

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Solon was one of the seven sags of Greece a statesman and Archon of Athens the city of his birth.

He was responsible for healing the divides between the citizens when he reformed the Athenian constitution as Archon in 594 B.C. His reforms saw the abolition of debts which freed those peoples in Athens who had become debt slaves.

This freed many men from the cycle of debts they had plunged he also made the eligibility for political office be dependant on wealth and bot just by birth right alone breaking the hold of the landed aristocracy on the state of Athens.

It was Solon’s reforms such as the right of people to appeal to the citizens court and the setting up of a council of wealthy citizens to the city state of Athens his Boule of 400 who guided the work of the assembly the Ecclesia of Athens.

Solon paved the way for the introduction of Democracy within his reforms.

Solon’s reforms ended the evil that was poverty in Attica he created a vibrant new era of commerce and trade with alternate trades and professions were promoted which saw an end to real poverty and a return to prosperity new coinage was introduced and weights and measures and Athens goods such as pottery and olive oil saw the city become a commercial leader at that time.

After his reforms Solon decided to travel he was in search of a blueprint for the perfect state his travels saw him visit Sais in Egypt where he studied with the sacred priests and scribes from the temple of the city goddess of Sais Neith.

An ancient mother deity known as the mistress of the bow a warrior deity and protector of the city.

It was from the priests of Sais Solon discovered the ancient land known as Atlantis he was mesmerized by the lost ancient history the priests delivered up from the ancient archives within the sacred temple of Neith in Sais.

When he returned to Athens he captured the tale of Atlantis within a poem which he handed down through his family it ended up in the hands of his decendant Plato who was like Solon enthralled by the Atlantis tale and he included his accounts of the ancient tale within his work Timeaus and Critias.

Atlantis had been reanimated for a new audience of Greek speaking people by Plato it was the gift that just kept on inspiring generations after generations of scholars and people who shared a love of the ancient past world and the lost cultures of which many still remain lost to us trapped by mother nature history and time and in many cases lost ancient languages and written texts that still defy translation and are open to interpretation.

When the excavations on Crete revealed a lost ancient culture on the island by Arthur Evans and his team which they named the Minoans a new focus on the ancient world was reanimated by the discoveries on Crete.

K T Frost in his article THE LOST CONTINENT printed in the Times of London Feb 19th 1919 was among the first scholars to associate the newly discovered Minoan world with Atlantis…




Join the Ghost walk and be a part of the story and explore the ghost walks of York in the chill winds of November and follow the guide around the darkened winding streets of York.

Listen to the dark side of York’s past the guide reveals to the group has you follow him around the darkened and winding streets of York hanging on the guides words as you investigate the darker side of the city’s history.

Figures from the past confront the present slipping through an open worm hole that offers them and those they seek redemption.

Figures from the past confront the future slipping through a worm hole that offers redemption

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Explore the burning islands of Sicily and its history guided around the islands varied cities and sites with visits to the varied temple sites and museums on the island.

With the history of the island forged by the varied settlers who arrived on Sicily from varied lands around the ancient world up until the present creating the unique culture of the Sicilian people today.

Tour of Sicily explores the history the cities the sights and sounds with information on the varied bars and hotels.

Penned by a visitor to the island for visitors

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Sail beside the Sun god on campaign against rival sea powers for control over the high seas and the vital sea trade routes that connect the Western and Eastern worlds.
Sicania the burning islands and the fabled isles of the blest in ancient myths, legends and religion is the prize all the fleets and sea powers seek to control.
Camicus was the ancient powerbase and capital of Kokalous on Sicania home to a fortress said to be built by the same hands that constructed the labyrinth palace of Knossos on Crete.
Myths and legends claim it to be Daedalus however the palace of Knossos and the site of Camicus on Sicania are ancient settlements and they existed long before the golden age of Greece indeed they preceded the arrival of the later Greek settlers on Sicily circa 734 B.C. at Naxos in the azure blue waters of the Tyrrhenian sea into the natural harbour and bay beneath towering mount Etna.
Journey back in time and escape the present day with all its uncertainty and discover sea battles for the ytade sea routes and the powerbase of Sicania and the battle for Camicus.
A Legendary battle fought by legendary figures from the ancient Minoan world and beyond.



Explore the city of York from its Celtic origins to Roman fortress city built by the Ninth legion and named Eboracum it became the Roman powerbase in the North for the legions defending Roman Britain from the rebel Celtic warriors of the Brigantes and Parisi and for campaigns deep into Scotland.

Home city for emperors such as Severus who died in York in 211 A.D. and Constantine the Great who was elected emperor of the Roman empire in Eboracum by his loyal legions on the death of his father Constantius in July 306 A.D.

In Anglo Saxon times the city was renamed Eforwic it became a powerful royal centre and city under Edwin the English king of vast tracks of England and Britain.

He was crowned king in Eforwic in 616 A.D. and Later Baptized in 627 A.D.in St Peters church by bishop Paulinus sent originally as an envoy of the pope from Rome to convert the people of Anglo- Saxon England to Christianity.

Eforwic was settled by Viking settlers who arrived with the leaders Halfdan and Guthrum the city was renamed by them Jorvik.

Varied Scandinavian leaders ruled Jorvik it was however still sorrounded by Anglo – Saxon held kingdoms within the five boroughs that made up England at that time.

The last Viking king of Jorvik was Eric Bloodaxe in 954 A.D. he was defeated by the forces of the Anglo- Saxon King of England Eadred in the battle of Stainmore.

Eforwic was from that time onwards an Anglo-Saxon settlement with a strong Danish population and influence that saw the city in the future drawn into the powerful battles for power and control in England between the competing leading elites of the kingdom.

York remained a vital city and powerbase and under the Angevin kings it saw a new golden age with the varied kings making York their headquarters it also saw the government and treasury residing in York in 1296 until 1304 A.D under Edward the first making York his capital city.

Edward the third was married in York Minster to his queen Philippa of Hainault on the 24 th of January 1328 A.D.

Their son William of Hatfield who died as a boy was laid to rest in York Minster a connection that remains a powerful reminder for visitors of the special relationship his parents held with York and the people forged by their time living in the city of York.

Today the city reflects its rich diverse history within its streets and many buildings all produced over the varied time periods a living city of history one that you get a feel for by just walking through its varied tight winding streets admiring the architecture of the buildings its cathedral and the ruins of the abbey beside the Yorkshire museum that looks out over the river Ouse.

Walking the city walls you get a fantastic view of the city from above ground level on a sunny day its great way to see the city.

With its Castle museum and the Jorvik viking museum to visit along with the Railway Museum there is plenty to see and do whatever the weather in York.

River cruises and ghost bus tours not to mention history walks in the day and the varied ghost walking tours in the evening also offer a unique look at the past history of the city.

Theatres and Cinemas in the city along with the varied bars and restaurants are also covered in the guide CITY LIFE YORK.

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Escape the straight jacket of reality and enter a world lost in the mists of time.

An ancient world in which the gods and mortals are connected in the battle for control of hearts and minds and control over the sea trade routes of the Mediterranean from East to West.

All the rival powers and sea powers are connected in the battle for control over the high seas with Sicania and the burning islands the prize sought by all looking to control the sea trade routes and the riches and resources it would deliver.

Sail beside the Sun God and the Phaecian fleets into the unknown waters of the Western seas and battle rival fleets for the glittering prize that is Sicania the burning islands…