Piecing together ‘The Usual Suspects’

Iconic scenes such as the identity parade and again the ending in a cult classic
that combines a perfect cast with a powerful script that delivers throughout.

Pass the Popcorn

You know the party guessing game Mafia — the one where the townspeople have to pick out the criminals living among them. Well, “The Usual Suspects'” director Bryan Singer and screenplay writer Christopher McQuarrie stacked the room full of thieves and liars.

There’s McManus (Stephen Baldwin), Hockney (Kevin Pollack), Fenster (Benicio Del Toro), Keaton (Gabriel Bryne) and Klint (Kevin Spacey) — five criminals brought into a New York City precinct for a truck hijacking.

“You don’t put guys like that in a room together,” says Klint — a small time fraudster and our film’s unreliable narrator.

But here they are, pacing inside a New York City jail cell. Rather than point fingers at each other though (because there is some honor among thieves), they decide to team up.

Told in flashbacks, “The Usual Suspects” leads up to an explosion at a California shipyard. This happens six weeks after the initial…

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