Tour of Sicily By Daniel Buckley

Planning a visit to Sicily this year… why not check out travel guides that can suggest and offer up useful tips and insights on the island that will heighten your visit.
Sicily as a rich and varied history a unique culture drawn from the settlers that have since the dawn of time been attracted to the island described by ancient writers as the isle of the blessed.
From it’s vibrant bustling cities to it’s many towns Sicily offers travellers a warm welcome.
With a typically temperate Mediterranean climate the Sun can be fierce and as late as October if your visiting sights such as the valley of the temples a cooling bottle of water is recommended.
With it’s varied Archaeological sites and museums, mount Etna and the satellite islands added to the rich architecture and arts on display in the islands cities and towns blue skies and azure blue seas Sicily weaves it’s spell enchanting it’s visitors to return.crete 2012 1642

Fountain of Artemis in Syracuse.


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