To be released this spring in printed format for the first time follow the story of those responsible for the greatest of all epic tales  ATLANTIS …

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SOLON one of the seven sages of Greece and it’s from his travels around the ancient world and visits to the sacred site of Sais in Egypt that revealed the truth regarding the ANCIENT ISLAND EMPIRE OF ATLANTIS.  Priest scribes had retained in their ancient records the accounts of the lands known by the name Atlantis.

Neith also known as Net the goddess of the sacred temple sites of SAIS, was once the goddess of the people of ATLANTIS…

In Egypt she was believed to have appeared from and been self created from the chaos of pre dynistic ancient flood waters.

This points to the goddess being introduced into Egypt by the people who survived the great floods created by the rising sea levels in ancient times.

She was a war goddess and this reflects the nature of the people who she represented a sea faring people who ruled vast tracks of lands in Libya near the Atlas mountains and the huge inland lakes that once existed and created islands amid  them.

This was a very different world and landscape and one that Atlantis and it’s people hadcrete 2012 1175 ruled and controlled.

Atlantis today remains an echo of it’s  past glory reanimated by the words of scribal priests and ancient writers such as Solon and Plato for future generations to enjoy.

K T Frost was among the first to equate Atlantis with the Minoan world uncovered by Sir Arthur EVANS and others by doing so he opened up a new chapter of the Atlantis tale and passed the baton onto a whole new generation of scholars, historians and archaeologists to research and enjoy.

Atlantis remains a powerful influence today and the epic tale  continues to expand and stimulate the imaginations of cultures around the world.

Alongside the new discoveries uncovered by archaeologists around the world interest in Atlantis today remains as vibrant  as ever…


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