Born in Catania Sicily on the 2nd of September 1840 into a family of landowners Giovanni chose a career path in writing.

He became one of Italy’s greatest writing talents a title that many around the world have little knowledge.

Italian was once a language spoken and read by many around the world queen Elizabeth i spoke and wrote Italian fluently and Poets such as Milton produced poems in Italian.

After the decline that followed the great writers of the Renaissance when the city-states of Italy became a battlefield for the French and Spanish.

With the Spanish victory came a counter-reformation that created an atmosphere of fear making literature empty and ideas dangerous. Italian literature suffered a major body blow one that writers like Verga and Pirandello, Leopardi, Manzoni had to battle and overcome.

Sicily was the poorest state in Italy in 1840, ruled by the Bourbons from Naples on the mainland…

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