Atlantis Solon and Plato For Frost…Goodreads book winners

Thanks to all of you who entered the Goodreads book competition and for all your interest shown in my book.

All the winners have been notified and their books are in the post as we speak.

One of the illuminating parts of the research into the book was discovering the parts played by both Plato and Solon  in the Atlantis legend and Greek life, culture  and politics.

Plato spent a great deal of his time in Sicily where he attempted to promote a philosopher king to lead the city of Syracuse.

In the young pretender  Dionysius ll and Plato’s close friend Dion.

His brave experiment failed due to the bitter reality of inter- state  politics  within the Greek city states.

However, his influence upon his fellow Greeks, politicians, thinkers and philosophers provided the western world with a new set of political morals and thinking.

Solon had always sought to improve the city-state of Athens he was willing to travel the world to discover and learn about other cultures city states and if possible use them as a blueprint to create a better city-state.

Without Solon’s travels and inquisitive mind, the Atlantis legend would have remained buried in the ancient archives of the sacred priests of SAIS in Egypt.

Plato was the deliverer of the Atlantis tale to a wider audience he created the interest that today just as yesterday and in the future continues to fascinate and enchant readers and scholars all over the world.

Frost for his part was among the first scholars to associate the fabled island empire of Atlantis with the Minoan world centred upon Crete.

The book is available in Kindle and Paperback versions via Amazon and other leading bookstores.

Atlantis Hsitory



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