Free Ebook offer Sept 22nd & 23rd Atlantis Solon and Plato For Frost by Daniel Peter Buckley

Historical Mysteries, History Book – Atlantis Solon and Plato For Frost written by Daniel Peter Buckley | Read online free sample chapters

Discover the truth behind the Atlantis Legend through the eyes of those responsible for its transmission through time. Solon during his travels in Egypt and visit to the sacred priests of Neith at Sais and Plato who was introduced to the accounts through papers owned by an old family member and friend of Solon…

K. A. Frost was among the first scholars to associate Atlantis with the Minoan island empire and his groundbreaking articles added to the fervour that surrounded the discovery of the Minoan world. centred upon Crete when the Archaeological world and historians first began to connect myths and legends with the ancient world

Centred upon Crete the lost Minoan island empire of legend was revealed to the  Archaeological world and historians from the earth inspiring generations of scholars interested in the ancient lost world of ATLANTIS…

Source: Atlantis Solon and Plato For Frost by Daniel Peter Buckley


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