Follow the Sun and Archer deity Apollo on his journey through time and cultures from his Eastern origins in the Hurrian world through Mesopotamian, Akkadian, Syrian and Anatolian lands.

Known in the varied lands and languages by different names the deity travelled West via the islands of Cyprus, Rhodes Delos and Crete.

On ancient Crete, he was Paiawon the youthful master of animals deity associated with his sacred twin Britomarpis the mistress of animals deity.

Paiawon – Apollo became Apollo in the Greek world whilst his sacred twin Britomarpis became Artemis.

[Lato] the lady  AS SA SA RA the mother goddess on ancient Crete became Leto in the Greek world.

Minoan deities and beliefs influenced Greek culture and beliefs the fusing of the two cultures developed through their continued contact via trade and alliances forged during Minoan cultural expansion around the ancient world.

This fusion of beliefs can be seen on Crete on sites such as Dreros, Amyklai, Gortyn and Knossos.

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