ATLANTIS SOLON AND PALTO FOR FROST? By Daniel P Buckley Free E-Book Offer JULY 20TH 21ST & 22ND

Take another look at the ATLANTIS legend guided by those responsible for its transmission through time and look again at the facts that surround the production of the Atlantis legend.

Neith was the original prehistoric and pre-dynastic creator and divine mother nature deity of Libya and Egypt she was present on the day the world was created and as the creator deity she was responsible for shaping the world we know today.

Solon the lawgiver of Athens and one of the seven sages of Greece when he travelled to Egypt gained an audience with the sacred scribes of Neith in Sais Egypt from who he learned of the past history of the ancient world.

He was shocked and amazed when the scribes informed him about the island empire of Atlantis that had threatened to subject all the known world to its rule.

Plato was the next Greek thinker to discover the Atlantis legend he gained access from an old family member who handed down through several generations before Plato finally embellished the Atlantis legend with his own unique style when he produced the Timaeus  and Critias including the Atlantis legend alluded to by the earlier poems by Solon.

Plato attempted to create an ideal state on Sicily in Syracuse he promoted Dionysuis II  has a  philosopher king in a bold attempt to change the world of Greek city sates and politics.

K T Frost was among the first scholars to associate the island empire of Atlantis with the Minoan world discovered on Crete by archaeologists on sites at Knossos and Phaistos on the island.

His article the Lost Continent was published in the London Times on February 19th 1909 looked at the Atlantis legend linking the lost continent with the newly discovered Minoan world.

Today we have seen many additional discoveries made on new and old sites  around the world.

All of  which have impacted on previous excavations and theories with the Theran excavations at Akrotiri and Theran eruption providing new insights into the demise of the Minoan world and its connections with  Atlantis.





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