Atlantis Solon and Plato for Frost 2017 New Free March 8th & 9th via Amazon KIndle

Solon was a lawgiver, who was like most of the elites of Athens from  one of the richer established Athenian famalies. This did not prevent him passing laws that looked towards protecting the poor in Athens and the wealthy reforming the city state.

One of the seven sages of Greece he retired from his role as Archon and travelled the world in search of a blueprint for a perfect state.

In Sais he met sacred priests of Neith who informed of the list history of his ancestors on mainland Greece and the men of Atlantis who had ruled the ancient great green that was the Mediterranean sea.

Solon had found the blueprint for the perfect state in the ancient island empire that was Atlantis.

This he recorded in his poems and the Atlantis legend was handed down generations of his family and eventually reanimated by Plato in his work Timeaus and Critias for future generations such as K  T Frost who was the first to associate Atlantis the island empire with the newly discovered Minoan world and island empire.

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