Atlantis Solon and Plato for Frost free ebook Feb 7th 8th and 9th

Explore the truth and origins behind the Atlantis legend delivered from the mists of time down generations via Neith the ancient mother deity of LIbya whose cult and followers established a cult centre at Sais in Egypt.

Her sacred priests retained the ancient history of the world within the sacred temples library archives and SolonĀ  one of the seven sages of Greece and lawgiver of Athens was informed of Atlantis a n island empire that once ruled an island empire and the ancient world.

Solon penned a poem on Atlantis which was handed down through his family and reanimated by Plato in his own unique style in the Timaeus and Critias. K T Frost was the first scholar to associate the Minoan world uncovered on Crete with Atlantis in his article published in the London Times in 1909 the lost continent.


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1 thought on “Atlantis Solon and Plato for Frost free ebook Feb 7th 8th and 9th

  1. Hi there, I follow Ask David book promo and I would be very interested in reading and reviewing your book, Atlantis From Neith etc. I am unable to download from Amazon – I have no idea but it just never arrives. So I cannot take advantage of your free offer. I saw this on Twitter. Would it be possible to email me a pdf? I am writing a book series (Middle grade adventure) with roots in Atlantis and your book sounds just what I need.


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