Discover the ancient origins of the Atlantis legend from the dawn of history itself via the mother earth goddess of creation from the Libyan and Egyptian world named Neith.

She arose from the waters of creation at the beginning of time on earth to form the world we know today.

Her cult was established in Libya and the ancient cave paintings attest to her power and control over the peoples of Libya.

Her people migrated and the deity and her followers travelled into Egypt from Libya when the great shallow inland lake and the lush green plains changed into scrublands and deserts.
Her main city of worship was Sais it was here that her sacred priests recorded the history of her and her followers lands called Atlantis along with the history of past worlds and events.

Solon was the first to deliver the tale of Atlantis into the Western world in the form of a poem in his home city of Athens.

Later Plato rediscovered the lost work of Solon which had been kept in his family by his grandfather who was a relative of Solon and Plato reanimated the Atlantis legend for future generations within his works.

One such scholar K T FROST was among the first to associate the Minoan world with Atlantis discoveries since have confirmed the island empire of the Minoans matches the lost world of Atlantis… CLICK ON LINK BELOW FOR FREE EBOOK DETAILS…

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