Guide for visitors to the city penned by a frequent visitor over the past four decades in which time the city skyline has changed public houses and restaurants have come and gone many more have been added to the already well established eateries, café bars and pubs not all have been covered in the book such are the numbers and choice for you to explore during your visit to the city that reflects and records the history of England itself in its many buildings and ancient streets.

A Celtic settlement between the rivers Foss and Ouse it became a Roman settlement an important fortress town then city Eboracum in the North from where the Romans campaigned against the Scottish and the Celtic tribes of the North.
Later the city was taken by the Saxons and was renamed Eforwic.

King Edwin was baptized in the city in a wooden church a forerunner of the Minister in the grounds of the Roman fortress in 625 A.D.
A converted Christian Edwin was buried in the same church in 633 A.D. which was rebuilt in stone. Next to settle the city were the Vikings who named the city Jorvik the Viking museum carries the same name and you can travel back through time to discover Viking York and its streets and history in the museum.

Norman times saw the city rebel against the raiders when the Norman garrison was overpowered and all eliminated in the city.
Angevin times saw the city again become an important power base for the Kings of England becoming the capital of the kingdom from where they planned and commenced their raids into Scotland.

Edward the third married Philippa of Hainault in York Minister 24TH Jan 1328 A.D.
His second son William of Hatfield who died very young was buried in the Minister in 1337 A.D. His tomb can be seen today in the North choir aisle Minister.


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