Apollo is the most Greek of the deities an Eastern deity in origin his influence on the Greek world and world culture lies within the universal appeal of his ancient connections with cultures around the ancient Mediterranean world seen in the varied temples built and dedicated to the Sun god.

His guidance over the Greek speaking world was issued via the oracles by his sacred high priestesses from his many oracle sites and temples most famously Delphi on the high slopes of mount Parnassos…

Explore all the soldiers of Apollo who with pen or swords shaped the world we know today Kings, Princes, Emperors, Philosophers, Generals, Lawmakers, Statesman, Poets, Writers and Scholars all inspired and influenced by the god of light justice music and philosophy.

Apollo is revealed through his followers over 24 books within the study of his greatest power his connection with and guidance over his followers the Soldiers Of Apollo.

To read a sample of the book click on the link beneath book available in E-book and Printed format via Amazon- Kindle platforms…















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