Explore the journey of the Sun god Deity from his origins in Sumerian and Mesopotamian culture in the East the deity was also worshipped by the Hurrians in the city of Urkesh.

A powerful deity the archer and sun god spread around the ancient world worshipped at ancient Ugarit the trading hun that connected the East and the West the deities cult was seen in Anatolian lands and was taken by the settlers who spread out across the Mediterranean via the Islands such as Cyprus, Rhodes, Delos, Thera and Crete from where the deity finally crossed the islands of Paros Milos Naxos towards the Greek mainland via the Minoan empires varied coastal settlements and trading posts the deity Paiawon – Apollo

finally arrived at Delphi the centre of the Greek world to establish his sacred temple on the rising slopes of towering Mount Parnassos from where he delivered his messages via his conduit the sacred priestess delivered during her inspired oracles issued from the sacred inner Adyton of the temple under the influence of the rising gases from the fault lines that run beneath the temple site…

For details and Free EBOOK click on link below


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