Solon was one of the seven sags of Greece a statesman and Archon of Athens the city of his birth.

He was responsible for healing the divides between the citizens when he reformed the Athenian constitution as Archon in 594 B.C. His reforms saw the abolition of debts which freed those peoples in Athens who had become debt slaves.

This freed many men from the cycle of debts they had plunged he also made the eligibility for political office be dependant on wealth and bot just by birth right alone breaking the hold of the landed aristocracy on the state of Athens.

It was Solon’s reforms such as the right of people to appeal to the citizens court and the setting up of a council of wealthy citizens to the city state of Athens his Boule of 400 who guided the work of the assembly the Ecclesia of Athens.

Solon paved the way for the introduction of Democracy within his reforms.

Solon’s reforms ended the evil that was poverty in Attica he created a vibrant new era of commerce and trade with alternate trades and professions were promoted which saw an end to real poverty and a return to prosperity new coinage was introduced and weights and measures and Athens goods such as pottery and olive oil saw the city become a commercial leader at that time.

After his reforms Solon decided to travel he was in search of a blueprint for the perfect state his travels saw him visit Sais in Egypt where he studied with the sacred priests and scribes from the temple of the city goddess of Sais Neith.

An ancient mother deity known as the mistress of the bow a warrior deity and protector of the city.

It was from the priests of Sais Solon discovered the ancient land known as Atlantis he was mesmerized by the lost ancient history the priests delivered up from the ancient archives within the sacred temple of Neith in Sais.

When he returned to Athens he captured the tale of Atlantis within a poem which he handed down through his family it ended up in the hands of his decendant Plato who was like Solon enthralled by the Atlantis tale and he included his accounts of the ancient tale within his work Timeaus and Critias.

Atlantis had been reanimated for a new audience of Greek speaking people by Plato it was the gift that just kept on inspiring generations after generations of scholars and people who shared a love of the ancient past world and the lost cultures of which many still remain lost to us trapped by mother nature history and time and in many cases lost ancient languages and written texts that still defy translation and are open to interpretation.

When the excavations on Crete revealed a lost ancient culture on the island by Arthur Evans and his team which they named the Minoans a new focus on the ancient world was reanimated by the discoveries on Crete.

K T Frost in his article THE LOST CONTINENT printed in the Times of London Feb 19th 1909 was among the first scholars to associate the newly discovered Minoan world with Atlantis.


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