Legends and myths have bridged the gaps between the present and the ancient past when written records had been lost in the ruined archive libraries of the varied ancient city states and their varied palaces.

Spoken languages had been long established our hunter gatherer ancestors had learned to communicate working together in small family groups and later extended clans.

They created and designed the tools and weapons needed to compete with fellow hominids and rival predators for the resources their ancient worlds held.

Creating and thinking was the beginning of our ancestors steps towards developing cultures with the production of art and mobile art pieces that became popular along with the wearing of jewellery another form of expression seen in the symbolism displayed with the varied types of jewellery from varied stones shells and bone along with ivory all used to produce both personal jewellery and artefacts.

Atlantis belongs to the ancient world their culture was remembered and handed down via oracular story tellers before being recorded by the sacred palace scribes of the Deity Neith in Sais Egypt.

It was the sacred scribes of Neith who Solon visited and heard of the Atlantis legend.

Solon was shocked and amazed in equal measure when the Atlanteans were reanimated from Myth and legend and by the sacred scribes from archives retained in the temple of Neith in Sais Egypt.

Neith was the creator mother deity of the ancient world a universally worshipped deity by all the leading world cultures.

Atlantis was associated with the Atlas mountains in Libya and North Africa a land associated with the ancient deity Neith who made the long journey into Egypt from Libya.

Solon took the Atlantis legend back to Athens he produced a poem based on the legend which he made adjustments to make it acceptable to the people of Athens.

It was this poem penned that was handed down through his family and finally handed up in the hands of his distant relative Plato.

Today we have the version Plato penned and it is this Atlantis legend which has given rise to the many versions that have followed inspired by the writings of Plato and the imagination that reanimated the past poem of Solon.

Every time a story is reanimated in a new language or written word across borders it will change to suit the cultures and audiences it is produced for.

Time also adds to the tales content and in the case of the Atlantis legend it remains the gift that keeps on giving inspiring generations of readers past present and future.


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