Sicania Rising Battle of Camicus Free E-book offer Friday 5th of May

Explore the Minoans attack on the island of Sicania and the head of the rebel’s headquarters known as the legendary BATTLE OF CAMICUS on what today modern-day Sicily.

Homer called them the Phaeacian’s they were masters of the ancient seas and are mentioned in the “Odyssey” as being a legendary and mysterious people due to the Minoans having been at the height of their powers from 2000 to 1600 B.C.

Homer is believed to have lived between 1200 and 750 B.C. so it would appear the original name of the Minoan seafaring people could well be the Phaeacian’s a name they called themselves in their own tongue.

Being masters of the ancient seas, they had powerful rivals for control of the sea trade routes and this led to conflicts on the seas and on land.

Sea battles between the rising powerful fleets looking to gain control over the lucrative trade routes that connected the Eastern and Western Mediterranean world saw Sicania become a vital powerbase from which to strike out and control the ancient worlds sea and trade routes going forwards.

With conflicts at sea and on the island, itself leading to the final showdown in the capital of Camicus between. the rebels under Kokalous and Thesanis and the Phaeacians’ led by Aeacus, Rhadys and the Sun God Paiawon.



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