Discover York through the varied ages Celtic settlement to Roman frontier fort and home to Roman emperors adding to the history of the vibrant city known as Eboracum was for a time the most important city in the Roman Empire.

Later the City was renamed Eforwic when the Anglo Saxon invaded and settled lands in England.

York remained an important City in Anglo -Saxon times when Edwin was crowned king of Northumbria in 616 A D after his army allied with Raedwald defeated his hated rival Aethelfrith in the battle of the River Idle.

Eforwic was for Edwin one of his major cities he was baptized in the city circa 627 A.D.

Converted to Christianity by Paulinus of York in York in what was then a wooden church dedicated to St Peter near the site of the future by Edwin who Bede called him high king of Britain after he defeated his rivals foe power in battle and subjection to his growing kingdom and lands.

He reigned up until 633 A.D. after his death in battle at Hatfield chase he was venerated Saint Edwin the English Christian high king died a martyr to his new faith.

Anglo Saxon Eforwic became Viking Jorvik when many peoples from Scandinavia settled in England following the earlier settlement of the Anglo Saxons.

City life York looks at the city through time up until the present day acting as a guide penned by a visitor to the city for visitors.

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