SICILY TRAPANI AGRIGENTO SYRACUSE 873SICILY TRAPANI AGRIGENTO SYRACUSE 720Hello and thanks to all of you who entered the competition for the book   “Tour Of Sicily.”

All the winners have been notified and their books are in transit…

“Tour Of Sicily,” is also available in E- book format via Amazon priced  £2.38

Very happy with the interest and hopefully my next books due out in the near future will attract the same level of interest.

Thanks again for your interest

Regards Daniel P Buckley



  1. Please contact me. I purchased your “Tour of Sicily” for review, because I travel to Italy and Sicily regularly and assumed it would be useful. The information is; however, the paperback book I received has no pictures (just about 1 inch grey squares appear they are supposed to be) and it seems all the punctuation has fallen out and the textflow is all weird. This makes it very difficult to read or use. I purchased the book via Books Go Social, not only to use it but to write a review. If I wrote an honest review of the book as it is, I couldn’t give it a good one because of the state of the material. If you could send me a new one that has all of the pictures, the correct text, etc., I could then write a better review.
    HR Jakes


    • Having the photos not published due to the quality of the images was a blow to me also.
      Since I have re edited the book and re submitted the files to the publishers who have amended the files and the new book contains the photos however they are not in colour.


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