Released in Paperback and E book via Createspace and available via Amazon and Amazon Kindle and other leading bookstores.                      Explore the origins of the Sun God Paiawon Apollo in the East and follow his journey to the West. Known by differing names in different lands in Hurrian lands Aplu Sun and Underworld deity who was associated with Nergal. In Sumer Utu the Sun God in Akkadian Shamash – Samas the deity of light, truth, justice  and  law.                       The Archer god Apilunas in Anatolian lands where in prehistoric times the mistress of animals deity ruled with her consort and the youthful deity depicted with leopards once reigned their shrines depicted bulls heads and leopards heads placed on their walls with frescoes depicting the deities flanked by leopards or involved in bull games circa 7000 – 6500 B.C.                                                                             In Syrian lands Reshep lord of the arrow and plague deity.                           On Crete the deity established a strong powerbase on the island  the youthful deity was a figure venerated around the island in Minoan and earlier times.                                                                                                         Associated with the master of animals figure and Sun God Paiawon alongside the mistress of animals figure Britomarpis and the mother deity AS SA SA RA known as the lady.

These three deities formed the main cult religion on Crete with the deity known as the earth shaker Poteidan- Poseidon a later arrival on Crete.                                                                                                                         Paiawon continued his journey West replacing many of the deities on established sites as the  Minoans cultural influence was exported around their sea based island empire expanding  Minoan culture and influence around the ancient world. Sacred sites to the deity were established on Delos and sacred peak sanctuaries. Horned Altars the sign of divinity in the ancient world  appeared as the Minoans culture continued to expand it’s control via the sea trade routes it ruled and controlled.Horned altars are associated with Paiawon- Apollo  as master of animals  seen at Dresos on Crete and on the sacred island of Delos.                                                                                                                         Cretan priests established Paiawon -Apollo on the mainland at Delphi where the deity replaced the mother deity yet retained the Pythia in the form of the sacred priestess who issued his prophetic oracles to the thousands of followers of the ever youthful deity of Music, Truth and light in the shape of the Sun God Paiawon- Apollo.

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