Since the dawn of time deities have inspired and influenced ancient peoples and cultures shaping the world we live in today.

Heaven Earth and Time explores the ancient worlds varied deities and the world in which they existed and the people who looked to for them guidance in an ever changing world.

Heavenly deities and Deities from another realm being earthbound deities of the underworld which in ancient times did not have the association competing and later religions and their followers delivered upon them going forwards.

What connected all these deities was the spirituality and belief systems that developed all revolved around order and the adoption of laws.

With cult rituals ceremonies performed that saw the ancient societies people have a shared identity in a world dominated by the early clans and extended family units that had controlled the ancient world during the transition of the hunter gatherer way of life to the semi nomadic and then settled way of life.

People began to switch from the old hunter gatherer way of life to a life based on rearing domesticated animals based in small settlements that developed into villages and over time towns and eventually the great ancient cities that were a feature of the Mesopotamian world.

With the first settlements becoming villages and strongholds in the Levant, Anatolia, Syria and Mesopotamia people developed their beliefs and the deities performed a vital role they were seen as guardians of the varied cities each city having a deity associated with their city in these early societies and settlements helping to shape the development of civilizations around the ancient world.


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