A friendly travel guide to the burning island of Sicily my own visits followed my own interest in Italy and Sicily and having visited the mainland with my daughter the next Italian destination was Sicily.

My first visit was solo but the friendly fellow tourists and the locals in my chosen resort Giardini Naxos saw me return with my daughter in the following years.

Travelling back to the island since solo the book was my thank you to the people and the island of Sicily the cultures and the influence by the settlers from varied other lands that shaped the unique history of the burning island of Sicily.

If it encourages others to make the same journey so many in history have made it will be a success.

Today we are in unchartered times and its in such times we all reflect on our own lives. Life is not a dress rehearsal never have any regrets because none of us are in control of our fate.

Set in a prime location on the sea trade routes that connected the ancient worlds leading cultures and sea powers Sicily became a much sought after land the burning islands as they were known attracted settler from around the ancient world all looking to establish trading stations alliances or to take the island by force in many cases.

Each new wave of settlers helped to shape the islands culture cities and towns with each adding a new mix of ideas and thinking seen in the varied architecture to be seen around the island.

In the book varied cities and towns are explored and the rich history of the past settlers from ancient times to the present day are covered in what is a visitors TOUR OF SICILY.

For free E-Book offer click on the link below offer active June 26th – 27th & 28TH


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