Plans are in place to commence excavations on Rougier street York the plans when approved will see a two year Archaeological dig undertaken and a museum site established to showcase the Roman world that saw Eboracum become a vital City in the Roman world due to its original location on a frontier with rebel Celtic tribes that saw the ninth legion establish a fortress site and powerbase between the twin rivers of the Fosse and Ouse.

It was originally a Celtic settlement Eburakon place of the yew trees made up of small farms taking advantage of the location in a well watered site that provided access via the fast flowing rivers by boat and the protection afforded by the rivers to the people who settled the site.

York Archaeological Trust chief David Jennings stated it was in the interests of all to take an interest in the past if we want to preserve it for people in the future.

With the proposed Roman dig giving the people of York today a chance to support the project and preserve the Roman history of Eboracum for people in the future in a similar way the Jorvik dig and museum preserved and reanimated the Viking world of York for future generations of people from around the world.

Reanimating the Roman history of the city will generate a boost for the city with the creation of jobs with the Museum and other buildings such as hotels created to develop a Roman Quarter on Rougier street that will attract visitors from around the UK and globally to the city of York adding to the many museums and other tourist attractions the city offers to visitors from all corners of the world today.

As a frequent visitor myself its an exciting project and to be able to see the sites develop will add another dimension to my visits to the city of History and the inspiration for my interest in history and writing and beyond is all tied in with the city of York.

Multiply the impact made on one person and you can appreciate the importance such projects have in the future on history and archaeology by attracting informing and illuminating future generations to their past.

When the Roman quarter scheme is completed the Eboracum Museum will be twice the size of the Jorvik Museum and the site will also see a hotel with circa 88 rooms and apartment building with circa 153 apartments on the site.

Impressions of the interior of the Eboracum museum can be found online via

For a visitors guide to the city of York click on the link below


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