Originally an article from my first Website created and produced for free online and given a lot of feedback from people who viewed the article on the site dedicated to History and writing.

My interest in the deity came about by accident researching for my first book idea on ancient history and religion the idea for that book led to my first book Heaven Earth and Time which was driven when discovering the deity Paiawon Apollo and following the journey of this global sun god deity from the Eastern world to the Western world.

Paiawon was described as a youthful deity on Crete the name I read whilst researching for a book that was replaced by a direction change driven by the deity Paiawon that led my research away from its original main focus on triplicity in religion towards research on the beginning of culture and religions in the ancient world a journey that continues today.

Ironically Paiawon Apollo is represented in triplicity throughout history in the varied lands and cultures the deity appeared in the ancient Eastern and Western world.

My latest book project covers the birth of deities the origins of cultures around the world from the very dawn of time itself. Ongoing and not far away from a release date this year the research and the actual building of the book has been like none of my previous projects due to it crossing over into the same research already covered with Paiawon being a part of that being an ancient deity the research throws up new connections with the deities association as the Master of Animals deity on ancient Crete and in the Eastern ancient world and the Prehistoric world.

Writing without the fuel of inspiration to continue to drive you to research and transform that into articles and books you are happy with is soulless.

For me the figures in history that offer a mix of success and failure during their lives and careers and overcome both provide the ideal fuel by inspiring and intriguing in equal measure.

Paiawon Apollo the Sun God is available via E-book version on Amazon Kindle, Kindle unlimited in Paperback and hardback versions in print via Amazon and other online bookstores




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