Discover the truth behind Atlantis the lost ancient world and culture.

Solon one of the Seven Sages of Greece and lawgiver of Athens travelled the ancient world in search of a blueprint for the perfect state.

He visited varied cities around the civilized world in his quest and whilst in Egypt he was invited to study alongside the scholarly priests of the goddess Neith in her sacred temple site the city of Sais.

From the ancient temples library archives, the priests revealed their ancestor’s past history from their original homeland set beside lake Tritonis in the shadows of towering Mount Atlas and the long journey into Egypt guided by the Libyan mother deity Neith.

Neith was an ancient water deity also associated with bees being a creator mother goddess of the ancient prehistoric world.

This lost homeland was Atlantis a superstate that once ruled the world with their fleets that controlled the ancient seas with powerbases on several islands and the coastline of Mediterranean. sea.

Solon was informed of his own cities ancient past how they had fought against the superpower known as ” Atlantis.”

Solon penned what the sacred priests of Sais had revealed from their ancient library archives in a poem that was retained by his old friend Dropides and he handed down the manuscript  via his family through the generations it was the great grandfather of  Plato Critias III who retained the manuscript and so it eventually ended up in Plato’s possession.

Plato reanimated the Atlantis legend adding his own style and input via his book the Timeaus and Critias delivering the Atlantis legend to a wider world and audience.

K. T. Frost was among the first history scholars to associate  the lost land of Atlantis with the Minoan world discovered on Crete by varied archaeologists on sites such as Phaistos and Knossos.

Sir Arthur Evans and his team had discovered the Palace of Minos and inspired a new generation of history scholars K.T. Frost produced his article on the lost continent printed on February 19th, 1909  in the London Times.

Explore the journey through time of the Atlantis legend the greatest of all epic tales that today inspires new generations of readers and writers with its bewitching view of a lost ancient world and culture that produced the ideal state known to us now by the name









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