Paiawon Apollo The Sun God Free E-Book January 20TH

Explore the origins of the deity Apollo in the Eastern world and follow his long journey to the West. through varied lands and cultures who embraced the Sun and Archer deity.

From Mesopotamian to Anatolian lands the ancient Sun and Archer deity was embraced and worshipped by the people.
Paiawon was known by different names in the ancient worlds diverse spoken languages and written word. When these ancient people’s migrated and traded by sea with the Minoans the deity was introduced in the West with sacred islands to the deity established off the coastline of Crete.  Peak sanctuary sites were also established with the youthful archer deity seen as a companion of the Mistress of Animals deity known as the Master of Animals mirroring the deities ancient roots and roles in the East upon ancient Minoan Crete and the Minoan world and island empire in the West.



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