Wessex Flag

British County Flags


The flag of the region of Wessex was registered on May 20th 2011. It is based on historic accounts of a golden dragon, military standard borne in battle by the West Saxons in wars against Mercians, Vikings and Normans alike. This dragon battle standard represented the early kingdom of Wessex and by virtue of its use by the English army at Hastings, is often considered to have been England’s first national flag.

Dragons or resemblant serpentine creatures were often venerated by ancient peoples. There is a wealth of artifacts suggesting this for the Celts in Britain and similar dragonish adornment is found on Germanic items such as the shield recovered from Sutton Hoo


They were also used by the Dacians and the Parthians as a military ensign in their clashes with Rome. These were comparatively elaborate affairs, more a “windsock” than a modern flag. The hollow head, in the…

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