SICANIA RISING by Daniel Peter Buckley

Sicily is a land that as for years been  a much sought after prize by it’s position in the Western Mediterranean.

All the worlds leading powers have at one time attempted to rule and control the isles of the blessed creating a rich and unique culture.

Ancient authors and philosophers have visited the island looking for a new life and answers to life itself.

Our story follows the legendary sea campaigns for control of the western sea trade routes by rival powers in the ancient world driven by the trade alliances forged  by the Minoans who ruled the high seas in the Bronze age world.

With the campaign for Sicania a vital prize for the rivals hoping to secure alliances with the ruling elites of the island at  Camicus and Enna  conflict looms on the horizon.

Diodorus Siculus and Herodotus both alluded to the siege of Camicus by Minoan fleets in their works, our tale is a journey in time an investigation into an account of a Minoan sea battle in the Western Mediterranean.

Thanks for reading the above short blog…

To be released  2016  SICANIA RISING a new novel by new author  Daniel Peter Buckley Published by IN KINDLE FORMAT AND PRINTED  FORMAT BY CREATESPACE… IMG_0661.jpg                                               SICANIA RISING





2 thoughts on “SICANIA RISING by Daniel Peter Buckley

  1. Hi, this may sound odd but where abouts are you based?
    I found some of your work, hidden in a train station near me, and I’m just wondering if you had put it there.

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    • Thanks for your interest Tabatha based in Manchester UK… the novel is due for release this summer after editing of manuscript by SELF PUBLISHING PARTNERS. Will be in e book and written formats…


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